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Greenhouse Paint

Continental Products' Greenhouse Paint contains a higher percentage of oil and mildewcides than standard paints. It lets oil penetrate the putty when repainting and is designed to chalk off over the years so it stays white for maximum light reflection.

Indoor/Outdoor Repair Tape

Clear, super adhesive plastic tape mends rips and tears in vinyl and polyethylene.

Liquid Shade

Kool Ray Classic is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. During the course of the year, CLASSIC'S environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off (weather permitting) allowing for increased light levels as the daylight/decreases. CLASSIC works best when spray applied.

X-Tra Stick Adhesive Additive For use with Kool Ray Classic Liquid Shade X-Tra Stick Adhesive Additive is a special adhesion promoter that when added to Kool Ray Classic Liquid Shade will increase adhesion, wear and overall life of the shade. X-Tra Stick is primarily used when shading glass greenhouses. X-Tra Stick can be used for plastic but caution should be taken because ...


Comparing "loose" glass greenhouses to those sealed with PUTTYLASTIC, the savings were as much as 25%
PUTTYLASTIC will save a bundle on energy bills during the winter. Plus your fans will work more efficiently during the summer. The result will be a greenhouse environment that is easier and less costly to maintain because there are no air leaks.
PUTTYLASTIC completely seals cracks and openings by "creeping and keying" into small crevices. Because of its special properties, PUTTYLASTIC will retain its elasticity and adhesion for years. And it is easy to apply by hangun or power gun. There is no equal to its performance.

Rope Putty

1/4" Gray Rope Putty is used in lap glass greenhouses.  The putty is your interior seal.  Place between the glass pane and greenhouse rafter.  Each box contains (14) 20' rolls.

AntiDUST Tape

AntiDUST tape is constructed of a strong non-woven material which is specially designed to adapt without difficulty to the expansion and contraction ofmultiwall sheets. The tape adheres to the sheets with an especially modified acrylic adliesive for high-tack strength and cohesion. The adhesive is highly resistant to aging and is both moisture and temperature resistant

The tiny reinforcing welds in the non-woven material prevent the stretching of the fibers while under pressure.
ZRC Galvilite

Caulk And Coatings