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Drive Units

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RW Motor Gearbox

Ridder Drive Systems


The Ridder RW motor gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact power sources for driving vent, screen, hoist and flap ventilation systems in greenhouses and barns.  The key features of these dives are a self-braking work gear transmission, and a built-in linear limit switch system.  There is a broad range of electric motors available to enable the Ridder RW motor gearboxes to be applied worldwide. 

The gearbox of a RW motor gearbox consists of a combination of pinions and worm gear transmissions that have been matched for low-noise mechanical power transmission.  ...


Wadsworth Control Systems

Wadsworth is your complete source for vent automation. We know that growers want an integrated vent system that ensures quality in every part and that's why we provide:
  • Gear motors that are strong, durable and long lasting.
  • Vent controls that work with any environmental control system from a thermostat to a state of the art computer like our EnviroSTEP.
  • Strong, corrosion free racks with precision cut teeth.
  • Zinc pinion gears with ...