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Ebb & Flo benches

The Ebb & Flo benching system replaces traditional expanded metal with watertight, molded plastic trays. The trays are flooded with a water and fertilizer mix, which plants absorb through holes in the pot bottoms. With the Ebb & Flo benching system, you can:
  • Decrease water and fertilizer consumption by as much as 50%. After a designated amount of time, excess water and fertilizer are drained off and can be reused later.
  • Increase watering efficiency, reduce labor costs. An entire bench of plants can be watered simultaneously.
  • Improve air circulation and drainage. A grid of shallow troughs allows air circulation and drainage under the pots.
  • Improve plant health. Plant leaves and greenhouse aisles and walkways stay dry, so overall greenhouse humidity is lowered and the chance of disease is reduced.
Rough's Ebb & Flo benches are designed as a "floating aisle" system, so unproductive aisle space is minimized and growing space is increased by as much as 30% over fixed benches. And they're engineered with the same built-to-last design principles as Ro-Flo benching. Trays will hold up to 1 gal. per square foot.